Meeting Chairman’s Checklist

Before the meeting

Check all participants are available
Check speech titles
Have ‘fill-in’ in case of non-appearance of a speaker
Check watch against speaking clock
Print agendas

At the meeting

Set out room incl. table for general evaluator
Check how speakers want to be introduced

Check which club officers wish to speak
Check for apologies
Check for expected guests
Check guests’ names
Appoint timekeeper


Ø      Fire exit
Ø      Mobiles off
Ø      Welcome guests
Ø      Apologies
Explain format for the evening
Introduce club business

Ø      Introduce speakers and evaluators
Ø      Remind evaluators that written evaluations are required
Ø      Explain lights
Ø      Remember – stand to applaud until speaker is ready to start
Ø      Ask for times

Introduce evaluators (ditto on standing + applause)

Give precise time for interval and hand over to Topics chairman

Return to chair after Topics (before Topics evaluation)
Introduce General Evaluator

Close meeting – target 10.00pm

REMEMBER: The chairman is responsible for the effective running of the meeting, including timing. Therefore the chairman has ultimate authority and can ask speakers, including evaluators, to wind up if they significantly exceed their allocated time.