Topics Chairman’s Checklist


Check watch for interval / re-start time

Agree target finish time with Chairman & Evaluators

For planning:

(2 min/person + 1 min eval + 1 min handover + 1 min contingency = 5 mins/speaker)

Identify speakers

Select timekeeper

Give list of speakers & topics to Topics Evaluator & Timekeeper

Agree signal for next speaker with Topics evaluator i.e. give the evaluator time to finish writing before announcing next Topic.


Introduce yourself!

Explain Topics

Explain lights e.g. for usual 2 minute Topics:

Ø      Green – 1 min

Ø      Amber – 1½ mins

Ø      Red – 2 mins            (Off at  2½ mins)

Identify speaker, introduce Topic, then call speaker to lectern

Ask for times (probably best at the end when all have spoken)

Hand back to overall meeting Chairman for evaluations