Looking for Public Speaking Courses? We offer support to our members over the long term as you develop your speaking skills and confidence. You are very welcome to come along as a guest to two meetings at no cost to enable you to understand how Stourbridge Speakers Club can help you to become a confident and effective communicator. We would love to see you and then hopefully you will decide to join us. Please see the Visiting Us page for details.

Membership for the full season (September to end-July) is £80 (reduced for part season); there is a 50% reduction for under-18s. There is no joining fee. Please note that it does not matter when you join us in the season, as each meeting is self-contained.

Commercial public speaking courses usually last for a day. By joining us you will receive continuous support so that you can go on developing your communication skills over time and at your own pace. Our members span the age ranges from teens to quite a lot older(!) and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Come along to see how we operate; you will be most welcome.

If you are lucky enough to be under-18, please note: 

We accept members from age 15 upwards. However, 15 year-olds must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or other appropriate adult. If you are 16 or 17 we are happy to accept you with written consent from parent/guardian or, of course, you can bring them along. There is no charge for an adult attending in a supporting role who is not otherwise participating in the meeting.