What We Do

Public Speaking Confidence

The Cup of Knowledge is awarded every meeting

Helping your public speaking confidence to grow and your skills to develop is the core of what we do. Many people have a fear of public speaking. So building public speaking confidence is our first objective when you join us. We make you feel welcome when you come along to one of our meetings.  We understand that public speaking and presentation skills are important for career, business and social reasons. We guarantee we can improve your performance. We are a friendly bunch who will offer encouragement and support to help you overcome your nerves. If you become a member you will get regular opportunities to practice to enable you to build your public speaking confidence as well as your skills. But it will be at a pace that suits you.

A Typical Meeting

During a normal evening there will be three prepared speeches, usually of 6-8 minutes. We work through ten speaking assignments covering aspects that form the building blocks of a good speech or presentation, as shown on the right. Each is evaluated by an experienced club member with the focus on the strong points and also giving sensitive and constructive advice on opportunities for improvement.

Then we have a short interval. Some members even adjourn to the bar to regain strength for the second half of the evening!

After the interval we usually have a ‘Topics’ session. In this, members give impromptu speeches of two minutes duration. An evaluator then reviews all of the speeches and again highlights strong points and opportunities to improve further. Because of its impromptu nature, things don’t always work out and there is often much good-natured hilarity. However, it is still a valuable learning experience.

Further Experience

As members gain experience they will also chair meetings from time to time and evaluate speeches by newer members. After successfully delivering the Showpiece tenth assignment and being awarded their Certificate of Achievement, members go on to tackle advanced assignments.

Take Action!

Take the next step! Come along to one of our meetings to see and hear what we do. Please go to our Visiting Us page to let us know you are coming so we can be ready to say ‘hello’.

9th May 2017 – The winning team at the Blarney Stone Competition, held at Bromsgrove Speakers Club (left to right: Ben Collins, Sally Johnson, Sue Deeley and Debbie Willetts)